Celebrating a Milestone – With YOUR help!

It gives us great pleasure to serve our Lord by helping others who need us.

We continue to build these carts to reflect the love of God by bringing mobility to those in developing countries who are unable to walk.

PET #2300

Some volunteers from PET Leighton recently had the opportunity to travel to Haiti to help distribute carts. Read of few of their stories and see who received the chance of mobility!

A new PET


Who needs a PET?

Millions of people in this world are in desperate need of mobility because of landmines, polio and other diseases, birth defects, and amputations.  It is a life-changing event to go from dragging oneself in the dirt and mud to having three wheels to go wherever one wants to go! For a donation under $300, we can build and ship one PET vehicle.  The gift of a PET is at no cost to the recipient….it is the Gift of Mobility.

PETs are sturdy hand-cranked vehicles given freely to the recipient.  The PET is a wheelchair that goes where wheelchairs can’t go! More than 50,000 PETs have been distributed worldwide. Watch for the blue/green carts produced by our volunteers in Leighton.