This photo is of the 900th PET cart assembled at the PET Leighton affiliate. The production, assembly and packing of this cart was made possible by financial and volunteer help from many supporters. See the Spring 2014 newsletter to read about this cart’s new design.

PET #900

Who needs a PET?

Man in Red Hat on PET

Man in Red Hat on PET

Millions of people in this world are in desperate need of mobility because of landmines, polio and other diseases, birth defects, and amputations.  It is a life-changing event to go from dragging oneself in the dirt and mud to having three wheels to go wherever one wants to go! With a $250 donation we can build and ship one PET vehicle.  The gift of a PET is at no cost to the recipient….it is the Gift of Mobility.

PETs are sturdy hand-cranked vehicles given freely to the recipient.  The PET is a wheelchair that goes where wheelchairs can’t go! More than 44,000 PETs have been distributed worldwide.